Blogs We Love

Looking for other great book blogs? Here are some excellent book blogs that we read, enjoy, and respect:

Forever YA

They have what may be our favorite blog tagline ever: “A site for YA readers who are a little less Y and a little more A.” Their reviews of YA books and YA-inspired pop culture are smart, insightful, and hilarious.

A Fuse #8 Production

Librarian Betsy Bird is the go-to resource for middle grade and picture book reviews. Take note of her Caldecott & Newbery predictions – while not always accurate, they consistently point us toward some of the best books of the year. Her Top 100 Children’s Novels and Top 100 Children’s Picture Books polls are excellent barometers of what librarians, educators, and kids love.

The Book Smugglers

Another blogging pair, and one of our favorites, Ana and Thea have fabulous taste and offer “reviews, recommendations & ponderings” about many books we’ve come to love. Their “On the Smugglers Radar” posts have given us countless additions to our to-read lists of books on the horizon we ought to pay attention to.

Diversity in YA

Although the creators of this blog are no longer posting, this is a great resources for anyone who is seeking to diversify their reading or build a home/classroom/library book collection that more accurately reflects our diverse population.

100 Scope Notes

Great reviews, snippets of kidlit news, and other fun stuff.

Bookshelves of Doom

This woman has all the YA & kidlit news. Follow her on twitter, too, to stay on top of all the interesting stuff happening in the young people’s literature community.

And here are some excellent blogs related to feminism and feminist cultural/sociological critique:

Sexy or Sexism

Pop culture feminist analysis, in a very accessible format.

Feminist Frequency

More pop culture analysis through a feminist lens. Check out the posts on Katniss and The Hunger Games.

Peggy Orenstein’s Blog

Orenstein has been writing about the sociological phenomenon surrounding girl culture for years, and her blog features relevant cultural analysis of the trends that ebb and flow in girl culture.


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  1. Hope says:

    Peggy Orenstein rocks! I read her article What’s Wrong With Cinderella?

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