Welcome to Slatebreakers!

“Gilbert reached across the aisle, picked up the end of Anne’s long red braid, held it out at arm’s length and said in a piercing whisper, ‘Carrots! Carrots!’

Then Anne looked at him with a vengeance!

She did more than look. She sprang to her feet, her bright fancies fallen into cureless ruin. She flashed one indignant glance at Gilbert from eyes whose angry sparkle was swiftly quenched in equally angry tears.

‘You mean, hateful boy!’ she exclaimed passionately. ‘How dare you!’

And then – Thwack! Anne had brought her slate down on Gilbert’s head and cracked it – slate, not head – clear across.”

Anne Shirley is one of our heroes. When she cracked that slate over Gilbert’s head, she took circumstances into her own hands, and made it clear that she was not going to tolerate being teased or objectified by boys (even one who might turn out all right – more than all right – in the end). As book lovers, educators, and feminists, we have started this blog in search of slatebreaking moments in children’s and young adult literature. We’re writing about girls in kidlit and YA who challenge expectations, stand up for themselves and their communities and have a positive impact on the world around them, fictional and otherwise. Expect to see a wide variety of material on this site – a mix of book reviews, critical essays and things that generally interest us. Thanks for joining the conversation!

Brianna & Sarah

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