Holiday Gift Guide Roundup

In the past, we have compiled a Slatebreakers holiday gift guide. But why reinvent the wheel when other smart people around the Internet are already putting together neat gift guides? Here’s a sampling of a few gift guides that fans of Slatebreaking books may find helpful when doing their holiday shopping.

A Mighty Girl is a site dedicated to offering toys, books, and games that will foster the development of smart and courageous girls. Their gift guide is a great place to start if you are looking for gift ideas for the young girls on your shopping list.

I love making stuff, and I love reading. So I also love this Martha Stewart collection of tutorials for DIY gifts for book lovers. If someone made custom linen dust shields for my bookshelves, I would swoon.

This list of clever gifts for book lovers has a few gems and a few duds. But the gems are worth checking out. A personal library kit with a date stamp? Nice.

Still looking for ideas? You could always buy someone a book.

What kinds of gifts are you giving to the readers in your life this season?

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